Trabalho Temporário 
We generate confidence and skills with our professionals in your business

Our mission is to provide the best professionals for your company.
In order to address the temporary needs of companies or other more specific needs such as reducing fixed costs or increasing headcount, this concept of Temporary Work is focusedto the required requisites and pre-defined by your company, for the position to be occupied.
 Advantages of Temporary Work for your business:
         • Conversion of Fixed Costs to Variable Costs.
         • Reduction of contractual risks, based on the right professionals, in the right place at the right time
         • Reduction of administrative costs
         • Effective time management and increased competitiveness
         • Responding quickly and efficiently to unforeseen situations

The regime of temporary and, as well as the capacity of temporary employment agencies, is regulated in Portuguese law.
As the Working World, is dedicated to placing workers in the Dutch labor market, act in strict compliance with the standards and requirements and the Dutch Community Directives applicable to the activity of temporary work assignment.